Do you have knowledge using a pressure washer for effective home cleaning? Well, if you need to improve your cleaning experience, you will require a pressure washer that will enhance all your cleaning activities and help you save resources such as water and detergents. We have two types of pressure washers, i.e., the electric model and gas-powered pressure washers. The electric pressure washers are effective for home usage, while the gas-powered ones are effective for commercial purposes. If you have been looking for a reliable electric pressure washer to enhance your cleaning experience at home, then read through this article as you identify the best option.

Top Electric Pressure Washer Models

When searching in the market, you will encounter many electric pressure washers. It all depends on your budget and cleaning needs. Also, you will find a pressure washer that produces less noise than the others. Let us now analyze some of the best electric pressure washers below.

WEN PW19 Electric Pressure Washer

Although this pressure washer is quite expensive, you will get value for your money once you buy it. The machine powers water up to a PSI of 2,000 and a GPM of 1.6. This power is ideal for cleaning the siding of a house. Besides, it is possible to move around due to its weight. It comes with a 36-inches long power cord and a 16 ? foot hose, making it clean far objects.

The advantages include:

  • In-built nozzles you can easily adjust
  • Easy to carry around
  • High-pressured water for effective cleaning.

However, one disadvantage of the pressure washer is the lack of wheels.

Stanley SHP2150 Electric Pressure Washer

Do you always find it hard to clean your deck and vehicles at home? Well, this ideal pressure washer will simplify all your cleaning experience. It powers water up to a PSI of 2150 with a GPM of 1.4. In addition, the machine comes with 4 quick-connect nozzles, enabling you to change the nozzles based on the task at hand.

The advantages include:

  • The varied nozzles enable you to perform different cleaning tasks
  • The high-pressure water blasts off dirt with ease

However, one disadvantage of this machine is that it is heavy, making it hard to move around with it.

Westinghouse ePX3000 Electric Pressure Washer

With a pressure of 2030 and a GPM of 1.76, this machine can effectively clean light tasks to heavy ones like cleaning a car & heavy track and desliming sidewalks. It has four strong wheels that can rotate up to 360 degrees to enable you to clean different areas with ease. Besides, it has a soap tank that helps you pump the cleaning powder as you clear dirt.

The advantages include:

  • Highly portable because of the four wheels
  • Produces high-pressured water that cleans effectively
  • It has 4 nozzles for different cleaning tasks.

However, one disadvantage of the machine is that it is expensive.


Many electric pressure washers are available in the market. You only need to budget accordingly, define your basic cleaning needs, and then choose a perfect electric pressure washer that suits your requirements.

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