An essential part of the human body is the hair. For most women, hair is a reflection of their style and beauty. As such, the hair industry is a billion-dollar industry. With so much money being spent on hair, many people still don’t know how to routinely take care of their hairs.

There are different types of hair extensions, with the curly tape in hair extensions being a the most sought after extension these days. Before we answer related questions to the type of hair extension, let’s quickly examine how to take care of hair extensions.

How to maintain hair extensions

Everyone has a unique way they believe they maintain and care for their hair extensions. However, not all tips and procedures are necessary. So, here are some for you to consider.

Get quality hair extensions

More than half the time, the problems we face with hair extensions is as a result of the low quality hair. Undoubtedly, high-quality hair extensions come at a more expensive price that low-grade ones. It’s basically a case of getting the value for your money. With hair extensions, it’s always advisable to buy quality.

Allow the hair extensions to breath

These hair extensions are not designed to stay on your hair forever. Like your scalp needs to breath, these hair extensions also need time to rest. No matter the quality of the extension, you shouldn’t decide to wear it for far too long a time.

Make use of hair moisturizing oils

When you treat your hair extensions like your natural hair, it’ll respond and function like one. Just the same way you apply hair oils to your hair, do the same for yiye extensions. This is particularly important if the extensions are real human hair. Take time out to comb the hair to let the oil get to all strands.

Buy several hair extensions

Alternating between your natural hair and extensions is a good way to increase the life of the extension. If you love and wear hair extensions most of the time, it’s best to have multiple extensions you can change occasionally. Doing this, you’ll notice each of the hair extensions last a lot longer than when you depend on only one.

Wash and allow to dry with air

When you take out your hair extensions, wash them with a good shampoo to help strengthen the hair. When you’re done washing, it’s always advisable to let it air dry for a while. This method is most preferable than making use of a hair dryer.

How long do curly tape hair extensions last?

It can last between six to eight weeks. However, a lot of this depends on the level of care and maintenance it receives. A curly tape hair extension that receive low to average maintenance will definitely last a lot less than one that does.

Generally, an original human hair curly tape hair extension has a lifespan of between six months to a year. Whenever you hear it lasted shorter than six months, it’s either the quality should be questioned or proper care was not given to it.


Curly tape hair extensions have become popular because of their durability and beauty. However, a lot goes into hair extensions that just the beauty they offer. Proper care and maintenance ensure the hair extension last its lifespan. The article gives insights on how to maintain your hair extension to make it last long.

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